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  • • 1841

    Charles Dickens’ Letter’s


    Charles Dickens

    I recently acquired a collection of fourteen letters written by Charles Dickens to his good friend “Smith” between 1841-1868.

    From the Preface of the book shown, Dickens writes,”Of all my books I like this the best. It will[…]

  • Newel K. Whitney’s Book of Mormon

    With protective clam-shell.[…]

  • • 1550

    The First Chapter of Genesis

    Note the British Museum stamp.

    The 1550 Coverdale Bible

    Copy from The British Museum and

    Bristol Baptist College

    [Bible in English.] The whole / Byble. / that is the holy scripture /[…]

  • Tyndale Bible – Originally from the British Museum

    This beautiful Bible was originally housed in the British Museum in the late 1700s.[…]

  • A Chair From Charles Dickens’ Home At Gads Hill

    A chair from CHARLES DICKENS’ HOME at Gads Hill Place (England)–where Dickens wrote Great Expectations, Our Mutual Friend, A Tale of Two Cities and the unfinished novel Edwin Drood.
    Charles Dickens first saw the mansion when he was 9[…]

  • • 1837

    Kirtland Safety Society Bank Notes

    In 1837, the Mormons issued currency from the KIRTLAND SAFETY SOCIETY BANK. This early Mormon money has the signatures of a variety of early Mormons: Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Sidney Rigdon, Newel K. Whitney, Thomas Bullock and Heber C. Kimball.[…]