The Secret Garden The Secret Garden The Secret Garden

First Edition 1912  2nd Printing By Frances Hodgson Burnett printed in London

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.” says Mary Lenox who is orphaned when her parents and servants are killed in India. She has been overly indulged by the families servants,  her parents not wanting to be a part of her life and never spending time with her, has resulted in her becoming highly demanding and bitter towards everyone she comes into contact with .  She has been sent to her uncles home in England following her parents deaths. She find she has a cousin she has never heard of until coming to live with her uncle who will ignore her also. Her cousin Colin is hidden away in a room to himself cloistered from his father because of the circumstances of his mothers death. While pregnant with Colin she falls while in her special garden and dies a short time later from her injuries. His father has shut up the garden not allowing any further use there following the accident hiding the key to the gate. He also refuses to be a part of Colins life because he is a reminder of the wife that he lost. Colin struggles with feeling of guilt because he survived this tragic event in their lives, and the pain of a mother he has never known.  His fathers rejection is more than Colin can handle and is manifesting itself by convincing him because of a problem with his spine he will never be whole again and will die a cripples death. Together these two find hope in each other, and a kindness they have never known which affects all around them including the beautiful garden that his mother loved so much.