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  • He Prayed For Us

    He Prayed For Us


    Del Parson

    In this original oil painting by Del Parson the Savior sits by the Sea of Galilee in prayer. This oil painting is vibrant in beautiful warm tones that evoke a feeling of peace as the Savior prays for our benefit[…]

  • Mary Poppins from A-Z
    • 1963

    Mary Poppins from A-Z

    Twenty Six short episodes using the letters of the alphabet with the characters from the stories of Mary Poppins.[…]

  • Through the Looking Glass
    • 1882

    Through the Looking Glass

    Return to Wonderland with Alice in this second edition copy of Lewis Carroll’s second installment of the Wonderland series.[…]

  • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
    • 1878

    Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


    Lewis Carroll

    Follow the white rabbit down the rabbit hole and read this early edition of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” Enjoy illustrations of the classic characters of Wonderland and be transported back to to the land where everything is topsy-turvy[…]

  • Peter Pan and Wendy

    Peter Pan and Wendy

    From the gold foil figurines on the cover to the colored images in the story. Be transported to Neverland with a boy named Peter and a girl named Wendy. Listen as the cannons fire from Captain Hook’s ship, dive into[…]

  • Longfellow's Illustrated Poems
    • 1878

    Longfellow’s Illustrated Poems


    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

    Hear the racing hoofbeats of Paul Revere’s horse, follow Evangeline as she searches for love lost, join in as Hiawatha listens to the teachings of “the Black-Robe Priest” about Jesus Christ, or get a room in the Wayside Inn and[…]

  • David Copperfield
    First Edition • 1850

    David Copperfield


    Charles Dickens

    Follow along with David Copperfield as he maneuvers the trials of an impoverished and miserable childhood to his eventual success as a famous author in this illustrated first edition copy of David Copperfield by Charles Dickens.[…]

  • Emma
    • 1899



    Jane Austen

    Take a trip to the village of Highbury with this beautifully illustrated 1899 copy of Jane Austen’s “Emma.” Get acquainted with Emma Woodhouse as she navigates the rough waters of life, love and Georgian-Regency England.[…]

  • Illustrated Copy of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
    • 1913

    Illustrated Copy of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare


    William Shakespeare

    This copy of the complete works of William Shakespeare is beautifully illustrated with over forty stories and poems inside. The brown “tree binding” on the outside accentuates the gold leafing around the edges and on the spine of the book.[…]

  • La Vraie Chanson Engantine

    La Vraie Chanson Engantine

    Twenty well-known songs for little children. All songs are illustrated beautifully and written in French.[…]

  • Three Little Kitten's

    Three Little Kitten’s

    This beautiful book is filled with many cherished stories including The Three Bears, Puss In Boots for everyone to enjoy.[…]

  • The Children's Song Book
    • 1905

    The Children’s Song Book

    This delightful fabric covered songbook is a delight for everyone! Whether your singing your sweet babe to sleep with “Hush-a-by-Baby” or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as you gaze upon the heavens around you, this will bring cherished memories for many[…]

  • Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Stories

    Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Stories

    This delightful book of some of Han’s best loved stories are beautifully illustrated with pop up pictures in amazing color and detail.[…]

  • The Royal Book Of Oz
    • 1921

    The Royal Book Of Oz


    L. Frank Baum

    The Royal Book of Oz by L. Frank Baum shares how the Scarecrow goes in search of his family tree, how he is rescued and brought back to Dorothy & the Cowardly Lion in the land of Oz.[…]

  • Jungle Book 2 volume set
    • 1882

    Jungle Book 2 volume set


    Rudyard Kipling

    1899 Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle book, 2 volume set. Blue fabric cover with gold raised embossing on cover and spine.[…]

  • Ella Peacock

    Ella Peacock


    Katherine Peterson

    This portrait of Ella Peacock was painted by Kathleen Peterson. Ella was called the Matriarch of Utah Artists, her love for the scenery surrounding her was what she enjoyed painting the most. Kathleen peterson has captured Ella beautifully with her[…]