In 1975 Mother Teresa was invited to speak at the United Nations. After her return to Calcutta, she wrote a letter to her friend in New York–the man who arranged the visit. The content of the letter is vintage Mother Teresa:

” …I’m glad you were happy that all went well at the UN. I must tell you, I felt like a fish out of water in that crowd of businessmen and leaders. I never feel like that with the crowds much greater – but closer – of our kind – the lepers, the dying, the unwanted – the helpless – the unloved – the lonely. Thank you for inviting me. I have a better understanding of the rich – who day after day have to accept the roll of entertaining and being entertained – these gatherings need the presence of Jesus – very much. Happy and Holy Christmas and God’s blessings on 1976. Pray for me – as I do your you. God bless you, M. Teresa”.

She won the Nobel Peace Prize three years later in 1979.