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We specialize in important documents pertaining to early Mormon history, founding father documents, and notable figures in history such as Einstein, Mother Teresa, Houdini, J.R.R. Token, C.S. Lewis, Joseph Smith, and Brigham Young, to name a few.

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  • Helen Keller's Signature

    Helen Keller’s Signature

    This is a hand written signature of Helen Keller. She would use a ruler to assist her so that she could write in a straight line, writing up against the rulers edge. Notice this is printed writing not cursive writing.[…]

  • Nauvoo Land Deed Signed By Joseph Smith
    • 1839

    Nauvoo Land Deed Signed By Joseph Smith

    Land Deed –a lot near the Nauvoo Temple–signed by
    Joseph Smith,
    Sidney Rigdon &
    Hyrum Smith
    Sept. 18, 1839[…]

  • Charles Dickens' Letter's
    • 1841

    Charles Dickens’ Letter’s


    Charles Dickens

    I recently acquired a collection of fourteen letters written by Charles Dickens to his good friend “Smith” between 1841-1868.

    From the Preface of the book shown, Dickens writes,”Of all my books I like this the best. It will[…]

  • Roman Missal with the papal arms of Pope Pius VII

    Roman Missal with the papal arms of Pope Pius VII

    This Roman Missal, included all the texts (antiphons, prayers for the day, Eucharistic Prayers, blessings, and prayers for the special services of Holy Week) that were needed for Mass.

    Pius VII is the pope pictured in the famous[…]

  • From MARIE ANTOINETTE'S LIBRARY (Her Prayer Book "Missal")

    From MARIE ANTOINETTE’S LIBRARY (Her Prayer Book “Missal”)


    Marie Antoinette

    My newest acquisition is MARIE ANTOINETTE’S Prayer Book. Her “missal” is finely bound in period French red morocco, stamped in gilt to both covers with her large interlaced foliate cipher “MA” , crowned by a ringlet of flowers–like her jeweled[…]

  • Inquisition Manuscript – Spain

    Nos los inquisidores apostolicos contra la herètica pravedad, y apostasìa…

    Rough translation:  “We, the Apostolic Inquisition against heresy and apostasy…”

    This document gives Juan Carlos de Benavides, of Cordoba, Spain the authority to act as “Alguacil[…]

  • • 1975

    A Letter Written by Mother Teresa


    Mother Teresa

    In 1975 Mother Teresa was invited to speak at the United Nations. After her return to Calcutta, she wrote a letter to her friend in New York–the man who arranged the visit. The content of the letter is vintage Mother[…]