Children's Literature

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  • The Jungle Book & The Second Jungle Book
    • 1899

    The Jungle Book & The Second Jungle Book


    Rudyard Kipling

    Follow along in the jungle with Mowgli, Baloo, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, and The White Seal as they journey through the forest to defeat their enemies, make new friends, and learn the laws of the jungle in this 1899 version of Rudyard Kipling’s[…]

  • When I Was Very Young
    • 1930

    When I Was Very Young


    A A Milne

    THis book was A A Milne’s best selling book of poetry. Some of the verses were even set to music. This book has a beautiful fabric cover and in excellent condition, signed by the author.[…]

  • Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens
    • 2013

    Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens


    J.M. Barrie

    Follow little Peter Pan around Kensington Gardens as he goes on adventures, makes new friends and plays with his kite in this 2013 illustrated, reprinted and unabridged version of J.M. Barrie’s 1912 first edition of “Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens.”[…]

  • A Pixie Book Collection
    • 1949

    A Pixie Book Collection

    This delightful collection of mini books has some of your all time favorites! Goldilocks and Puss in Boots to name a few. How you will experience many hours of delight as you re-read favorites from your childhood.[…]

  • Gulliver's Travels
    • 1937

    Gulliver’s Travels


    Jonathan Swift

    Follow Gulliver as he travels to and explores several remote nations of the world including Lilliput, Brobdingnag, Houyhnhnms, Laputa, and many others. Enjoy vivid and colorful illustrations of Gulliver as he becomes a prisoner of the Lilliputians, becomes friends with[…]

  • Little Wide Awake
    • 1884

    Little Wide Awake


    Sale Barker

    Enjoy this colored illustration version of “Little Wide Awake.” A compilation of classic stories meant to soothe sleepless children, this 1884 version of Sale Barker’s book includes stories like Rapunzel, Snow White and Rose Red, the story of the “Golden[…]

  • The Complete Winnie The Pooh Set

    The Complete Winnie The Pooh Set


    A A Milne

    This beautiful 3 set collection is still in its original box. Enjoy the adventures of Pooh and all his friends as Christopher Robin helps him with the lessons of life. Pooh always seems to get himself in a pickle yet[…]