This 1717 edition of the King James Bible has a story in it’s creation that is both historic and leaves a moral for us all to learn. This book was bound for King George 1st and was his personal bible.
This is the most illustrated bible of all we have in the shop, it’s hand drawn red lines for the margin’s and thousands of words of text , typeset by hand, make it one of the most desirable bibles. This is a large bible weighing about 45 lbs.

The typeset was done by John Baskett, printer to the King. As you can well imagine there are thousands of words set, and mistakes were made. The largest mistake takes place in Luke, telling the story of the Parable of the Vineyard, which Mr. Baskett spelled out as vinegar.  For over 300 years, this beautiful bible has been known to all as the “Vinegar Bible”.  In fact so great was the derision for the mistakes made, they called it a Baskett- full of errors, and has been suggested this is where we get the name ” basketcase.”

The lesson learned? There are some of the most beautiful illustrations throughout this book perfectly done, hand drawn lines with exactness and thousands of words spelled correctly.  Might we allow ourselves to also remember it was once titled  ” The Most Magnificent of the Oxford Bibles”  and see it for it’s complete beauty.