Our collection includes early editions of Tyndale, Geneva, King James, and First Editions. Important editions 1455-1899 A.D.

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  • 1615 Geneva Bible
    • 1569

    1615 Geneva Bible

    Geneva Bibles were printed in Geneva Switzerland, and brought individually into England. They would later make their way to America through the Pilgrim’s as they came to their new home.[…]

  • The Great Bible
    • 1569

    The Great Bible

    Three years following William Tyndale’s death, King Henry VIII authorized and English bible to be printed so that they might be read aloud in services. They were chained to the pulpit’s so that they could not be taken from the[…]

  • King James Bible ( Vinegar Bible)
    • 1717

    King James Bible ( Vinegar Bible)

    This 1717 edition of the King James Bible has a story in it’s creation that is both historic and leaves a moral for us all to learn. This book was bound for King George 1st and was his personal bible.[…]

  • The First Chapter of Genesis
    • 1550

    The First Chapter of Genesis

    Note the British Museum stamp.

    The 1550 Coverdale Bible

    Copy from The British Museum and

    Bristol Baptist College

    [Bible in English.] The whole / Byble. / that is the holy scripture /[…]

  • Tyndale Bible - Originally from the British Museum

    Tyndale Bible – Originally from the British Museum

    This beautiful Bible was originally housed in the British Museum in the late 1700s.[…]

  • King James Bible
    First Edition • 1611

    King James Bible

    This is an exceptionally beautiful Bible. This Bible has been the most influential of all English books upon the English language. England’s Lord Macaulay perhaps said it best:

    “The King James Bible is a book which, if everything[…]