Time has almost stood still in this original painting by A. D Shaw. Even though the plants, trees and grasses have grown in around this old home, you can imagine its once life filled days in yesteryears. It still has someone living in the home as reflected in the smoke coming from it’s chimney, and the mailbox that awaits a treasured letter from loved ones that have long since gone on with their own lives. A.D. Shaw has captured a beautiful moment in time of what once was, what is now and what is yet to be. You can’t help but be drawn into the picture wanting to know more about this homes story and the people who were once raised at the base of these majestic mountains. The old red fence may be in need of repair, but it was never meant to keep someone out, just a way of inviting you in, and saying step on over and we will sit for awhile.
A.D.Shaw and his wife left the city life, to move back to the home town they were raised in. Their hilltop home has an amazing view of the Uinta mountains overlooking the old family farm, maybe very similar to the one he has painted here.