Lee Greene Richards was a famous Utah portrait artist, but also loved painting landscapes. This beautiful original in oil brings to life all the incredibly vibrant colors of a beautiful garden.
You almost feel like it is a ” Secret Garden” that you have come upon unexpectedly on a walk down the path that leads you to this quiet place filled with so many different flowers growing in abundance for you to experience and enjoy. This is a garden that has no uniformity to it, but each little plant and flower growing just where it would like to be and a beautiful tree in the center with light shining through it reflecting its most colorful majesty.

Lee ( Levi) Greene Richards studied art in Paris, and painted the ” Utah Lake” mural on the wall of the Utah Capitol Building. He also painted the mural ” Men of Knowledge” in the University of Utah park Building and was an art professor at the University of Utah as well. Lee also painted portraits of the presidents and leaders of the LDS church now displayed in the Church History Museum, and murals for the Cardston Alberta Temple and the Mesa Arizona Temple.