Kimball Warren has captured the beauty and peace of the Provo River in this original painting. It’s snow filled banks  surround the last remaining water, knowing that more flows swiftly under the frozen ice now covered in snow. The last rays of sun shines through the leafless tree’s all awaiting  spring’s sure arrival in it’s greatest majesty. For the here and now, we can enjoy all that a splendid winter brings to renew  add to this beautiful river when spring thaw begins.
The Provo River is a favorite to fly fisherman from all over the world with many variations of trout, especially  large Rainbow Trout filling its streams and riverbeds. Provo River is a  summer and winter wonderland.
Provo River originally known as ” Timpanoquint” meaning water running over rocks, is a favorite location for artists to paint with is bounteous vegetation and it’s Bridal Veil Falls rising high above its flowing water. River rafting and canoeing are just a few things that delight travelers from all over.
Kimball has said “art is the personality of one’s inner self. Without that understanding, one cannot create.” “My art reveals how I think, see, feel and even experience life. I paint what I see, my passion is to visit new places and capture them in the paintings I do.”