Scott Gustafson’s Little Miss Muffit original brings out the kid in all of us. This delightful Nursery Rhyme is detailed by Scotts ability to see things as animation and paint still with that same fun and design. Delightful Little Miss Muffit is taking a break from the hard confining duty of practicing her violin to enjoy some of the things that she delights in. As she eats her curds and whey ( cottage cheese) she has her very best four footed friend sitting next to her hoping she will share some of her delicacy. Then to her utmost surprise and delight, the most entertaining and lively spider all dressed up in his finest has just dropped in to reward her with a beautiful bluebell flower. Even the stone bench she must sit on to practice, is covered with the plushest of all velvety pads for her greatest comfort.. She is surrounded by beauty on all sides, yet Scott has brought some of her favorite books along in this painting for her to escape into whatever world she would like if she so chooses.

Scott Gustafson has always had a fascination with storytelling through pictures, especially in animation, but felt if he spent his career as an animator it would limit him to only certain characters, so he has spent most of his life as an illustrator for many well known clients books and his medium of painting is oil on canvas. His “Classic Fairy Tails” illustrated book was awarded a Chelsey Award and loved by many people of all ages.