Morgan Weistling uses sensational lighting to bring his paintings to life, his desire is to evoke emotion and imagination with all that view his art. His talent that is unique to him is that the further you stand away from the painting, the more detail you are able to see, usually thatis the opposite with most painting, usually you have to look closer to see details.

This original depiction of the Savior raising Lazurus from death shares the amazement of those looking on, the joy of his sisters and especially the peace that they now are experiencing with the knowledge that the “Master” has done for them what he has done for others, that they have witnessed as they spend their days with him in his ministry..The light on Lazurus face is one of his little details that tell stories beyond the subject matter, of light beyond what we know that was given to Lazurus’s from that day forth to share his own personal miracle.

Morgan Weitling says the following of his works, ” My hope is that people will enjoy viewing my artwork as much as I enjoy painting it. For me, art is my language used to communicate to others how I see God’s creation. Morgan teaches at prestigious Scottsdale Artist School. Morgan Weistling makes his home in California.