In the 1980’s a little town of Thistle Utah experienced one of the greatest disasters in Utah. Because of recored breaking snow melt and rainfall in 1982 and 1983 a great landslide occurred that dammed up the Spanish Fork River, and flooded the city of Thistle. The town was destroyed but, but Ella Peacock has been able to capture one of the few homes that still sits today to remember and honor the once bustling railroad town. The beauty of the mountains, the rushes growing around the stream that once overflowed its banks, and the vast amount of vegetation to be seen and enjoyed from every direction is still breathtaking as captured in this original painting and can be on a drive from Salt Lake City to San Pete County. Ella Peacocks, father told Ella if she was going to obtain an education to make it something that would last a lifetime, she did, loving art Ella received an education from prestigious art schools in the east and continued to paint the things she loved the remainder of her life.