In this enhanced giclee, Aldo Luongo has specifically chosen areas in the painting he wanted to highlight or bring to the forefront to be more fully enjoyed by the person viewing it, and having a original of sorts with only those items he loves enhanced. His painting depicts a mother and daughter enjoying the beautiful beach and collecting newly found treasures with an even greater treasure, the San Diego Temple in the background. Notice the light emanating from the temple bursting heavenward or is god shedding light upon the temple, reminding us all that God is present in all the activities of our lives whether on adventures to see his marvelous creations or places of worship.
Aldo Luongo wants to capture life’s experiences lived to the fullest in his paintings. He is internationally renowned, especially in his works done as the official Olympic Artist for several years. You can even see his painted eggs for the White House Easter Egg Roll, that reside in the Smithsonian Institute.
Aldo Luongo enjoys using several mediums including acrylic, and oils to complete his bold, impressionistic style. He has been referred by many as the “Romance on Canvas” artist. In his paintings you may find his design of hope, sorrow, humor, and enjoyment to its fullest extent.