This 50 x 50 original painting stirs feelings of going home and beautiful spring days when everything is just beginning to bloom again, birds are singing after a long winter’s silence, and you can smell the fragrance of new grass and blossoms just beginning to grow.

This original captures Ned’s deepest memories,”As a child I loved to play in my grandparents’ orchard. To this day it’s hard for me to imagine anything more peaceful than a blossoming orchard, a warm spring breeze, and the gentle hum of honeybees.”

Ned Young is a self taught artist who lives in a small town in Northern Utah with his wife Melanie. Ned’s attention to detail and use of color; allows viewers to feel as though they have actually visited or experienced the scene in his paintings. He loves painting historic pioneer homes located throughout most cities in Utah, but this beautiful scene can be found in cities all across America. Ned is also an author of children’s books.