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We carry a wide variety of Utah and early Mormon artists including Sudcliffe, Mandsley, Minerva Teichert, Harwood, Hafen, Brian Kershisnik, Del Parson, and more.

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  • Provo River

    Provo River


    Kimball Warren

    Kimball Warren has captured the beauty and peace of the Provo River in this original painting. It’s snow filled banks  surround the last remaining water, knowing that more flows swiftly under the frozen ice now covered in snow. The last[…]

  • Home Again

    Home Again


    W. A. Carson

    Home Again[…]

  • Harolds Favorite

    Harolds Favorite

    This folk art original captures ” Over the River & Through the Woods” to its fullest. What a beautiful memory it is to sleigh ride with a horse drawn sleigh, to the family you’ve been waiting for so long to[…]

  • Little House on the River

    Little House on the River

    Little House on the River[…]

  • Discover Eternity

    Discover Eternity


    Aldo Luongo

    In this enhanced giclee, Aldo Luongo has specifically chosen areas in the painting he wanted to highlight or bring to the forefront to be more fully enjoyed by the person viewing it, and having a original of sorts with only[…]

  • The Great Shepherd

    The Great Shepherd


    Dave Merrill

    This original oil painting of the Savior sitting in a field in Jerusalem shares the peace and trust he brings to those sheep and goat standing with him. As he looks out upon the valley surrounding him he might ponder the days of his ministry. He has the staff resting against his shoulder reminding each of us that he is the staff of life.. The beautiful hills in the distance are truly

  • Little Miss Muffit

    Little Miss Muffit


    Scott Gustafson

    Scott Gustafson’s Little Miss Muffit original brings out the kid in all of us. This delightful Nursery Rhyme is detailed by Scotts ability to see things as animation and paint still with that same fun and design. Delightful Little Miss[…]

  • Lazurus Come Forth

    Lazurus Come Forth


    Morgan Weistling

    Morgan Weistling uses sensational lighting to bring his paintings to life, his desire is to evoke emotion and imagination with all that view his art. His talent that is unique to him is that the further you stand away from[…]

  • Secret Garden

    Secret Garden

    Lee Greene Richards was a famous Utah portrait artist, but also loved painting landscapes. This beautiful original in oil brings to life all the incredibly vibrant colors of a beautiful garden.
    You almost feel like it is a ”[…]

  • Fall On The River

    Fall On The River


    Warren Kimball

    Kimball Warren painted this beautiful depiction of fall trees in their bold colors of golds and red along the rivers edge. The vibrancy of the blue skies make this a favorite time of year for everyone.

    Kimball has[…]

  • The Woodcutter's Dinner
    • 1884

    The Woodcutter’s Dinner


    Reuben Kirkham

    Reuben Kirkham, famous pioneer artist painted this original oil “The Woodcutters Dinner” as he shares his frugal dinner with his most trusted friend, his faithful dog. He is deep in the dark woods, yet the light surrounding the woodcutter and[…]

  • Beneath Spring Blossoms

    Beneath Spring Blossoms


    Ned Young

    This 50 x 50 original painting stirs feelings of going home and beautiful spring days when everything is just beginning to bloom again, birds are singing after a long winter’s silence, and you can smell the fragrance of new grass[…]

  • Home Against the Mountains

    Home Against the Mountains


    Ella Peacock

    In the 1980’s a little town of Thistle Utah experienced one of the greatest disasters in Utah. Because of recored breaking snow melt and rainfall in 1982 and 1983 a great landslide occurred that dammed up the Spanish Fork River,[…]

  • Mountain's Majesty

    Mountain’s Majesty


    Paul Fjelboe


  • Sunset on the Mountains

    Sunset on the Mountains


    Paul Fjelboe

    This beautiful original by Paul Fjelboe has captured what Utah’s end of day shows best. Amazing Sunsets! Paul was born in Norway and was a soloist in the choir in his home country and when he came to Utah in[…]

  • Manti Temple

    Manti Temple


    Ella Peacock

    This beautiful original is perfectly captured in Ella Peacock’s signature style of grays, blues and golds. The LDS Manti temple sits majestically in the heart of the San Pete countryside, a place Ella loved so much. She said when she[…]