AboutReid Moon, graduated from BYU in Provo Utah and after 25 years of running his  Moon’s Rare Books store in Dallas Texas, he decided to move the bookshop to Provo 3 years ago. He has just renovated his new store in The Shops at Riverwoods. It’s more of a Museum /  Rare Book Shop that continues to benefit collectors from all over the world that he has done business with for many years, and new ones that are just starting their journey in collecting. What sets Reid Moon apart as a collector?  His dream to have this little English Village of Shops built inside his shop, that allows you to walk the streets of England with him and view many of his treasures that are on display 6 days a week!  He believes he is the caretaker of these items while they are in his possession and loves to share their history and their stories with all that come through his doors.  He takes great pride in having many books and other antiquities in his collection that he knows, other collectors would love to have also.

He specializes in four main categories: bibles, early Mormon books and documents, classics literature, and early American and European history, and has become the “go to expert”  for help in these fields. He even has some “Movie Props” that please and excite everyone that view them. His collections are beyond most peoples imaginations and truly brings history to life as you tour through this magnificent shop.

Reid does over 100 lectures a year sharing items from his prized collection,  with questions such as, where have these items been for the last 150-200 years and how did I come to be able to show them to you now?  From school classes, to corporate meetings, and everyone walking through his doors, visiting his shop it is an “event to remember”.

Reid said he bought his first used book for $2 and sold it for a bit higher to someone seeking an “out of print book.” From there, his collection has  continued to grow. He has traveled more than 2 million miles around the world finding these treasured items and loves bringing them back to the shop. His employees say it always feels like Christmas morning when he come home after a trip and shares his new find!

Reid loves being the king of “show and tell,” schedule a time now to pay him a visit.