Who is Reid Moon?

Reid Moon is the owner of Moon’s Rare Books in Provo, Utah. Moon graduated from BYU in 1985.  After 25 years of running Moon’s Rare Books in Dallas, Texas, he decided to return to Provo.  His beautiful bookshop can be found in The Shops at Riverwoods in Provo It’s really a museum disguised as a bookstore. About half of the items on display are for sale, consisting of rare books, first and early editions of the most well-known authors books. Reid has commissioned original art with giclee prints available of your favorite stories. The rest of the incredible antiquities and artifacts in the shop are part of a permanent museum collection available to be viewed throughout the Olde English Bookstore  and by special reservations to Reid’s private back room for his most treasured items.

He specializes in four main categories: Classics and high points in literature, Early American and European history, items belonging to the great Kings and Queens of Europe, Bibles dating back to the 1400’s including a First Edition King James Bible dated 1611 and First Edition of the Book of Mormon and other pioneer historical books and documents sharing much of Utah’s early history..  He has some of the most incredible “Movie Props” that please and excite everyone that views them. His collections is beyond most people’s imaginations, and he truly is about “bringing history to life” as you tour through this magnificent shop. Even the brick cobblestone street you walk on throughout the store, are bricks from France that are 200 years old from the time of Marie Antoinette & Napoleon. For those unable to visit the bookstore personally you can get a glimpse of his most treasured finds through Instagram and Facebook, and hear their marvelous histories through the master storyteller himself on TikTok.

We hope you will visit us soon.


For over 15 years Reid Moon has been a part of Generations Humanitarian. Genhu.org.  Reid, with his friend and founder Van Evans have been making great efforts in providing two meals a day for orphaned children, feeding over 800 children a day in Peru, Colombia and Venezuela. They also make two trips a year to South America to visit with the children and take groups, on an expedition, as well as participate in needed humanitarian efforts while there.

Show & Tell Events

Visiting the bookstore, you will notice that Reid has 4 large vaults in his private room. These are filled with his most favorite things that are a part of his permanent, private collection.  To help raise funds for his humanitarian effort, Reid generously will invite small intimate groups to participate with him in his back room and share items and their stories from his personal vaults. This is a magical and incredible experience called a Show & Tell happens as Reid invites you into his private sanctuary,  there he will share the stories about these unbelievable treasures being housed  right here in Provo, (many you would expect to see in the greatest museums of the world)! 

These events are held monthly scheduled around the times Reid is available from his travels and seats need to be reserved individually through the bookshop. Join our email list and we will be happy to notify you of upcoming dates and times as they are made available. 

There is a $25 fee per person, and those proceeds go directly to the children that he is assisting. 

You can also schedule your own private Show & Tell, we can share those particulars if you will contact the store as well

Does Reid purchase items to add to his collection?

Reid Moon does purchase items fitting the parameters he has set for his bookstore. If you have what you think is a rare book or item, please contact the store directly and we will be happy to let you know of his interests and knowledge of a special item you might possess. You can always send pictures to our email moonsrarebookshop@gmail that can be shared with Reid. He would need to have a picture of the front of the book, the binding of the book and the title page with the copyright date. He will look at your pictures and then we can be in touch with you to give you more information.

Book of Mormon

Reid Moon is what we call the resident expert with the First Edition of the Book of Mormon. He has been privileged to place over 350 First Editions with customers who have come to love this historical book and desire to have one of their very own. If you are looking for this special edition for yourself or you would like to know the value of a copy of the edition you have, you will want to meet with Reid to gain the very best information on this rare and historical book. Reid also has various editions of other early books in the Nauvoo and Kirtland period, including documents and signatures of many early Latter Day Saint leaders and Prophets.

4801 N University Avenue #340 • Provo, UT 84604 • (801) 623-0450