Moon’s Rare Books is a collection of rare and antique Bibles, early Mormon books and documents, LDS scripture, classic literature, and early American and European historical documents. We specialize in LDS books, carrying several copies of the First Edition Book of Mormon and First Edition Doctrine and Covenants, as well as other documents which have contributed to Mormon and Utah history.

In addition to rare books and documents you can also find: Original art from Utah artists, unique collectibles such as movie props or historical artifacts, and antique furniture which include many early pioneer Utah antiques. While we include items online, most of our collection is available in our brick and mortar location in Provo, UT. We encourage visitors to contact us with any questions they might have..

Most often collectors have their treasured items placed in an environment where only they can be a part of it. Reid Moon and Moon’s Rare Books invite you to come walk the streets of our beautiful English village whether online or in person. We hope to see you soon.


Each month we host a lecture that the public is invited to attend, for free. Sign up for our emails to receive updates on events. From the email or online you are able to reserve seats to any event. During these wonderful event’s we exhibit rare collection’s and individual item’s, providing information on their unique history, where they’ve been for the past 150-200 years, and how these historical artifacts ended up in Provo, Utah. If you are not local to Utah, or you are unable to make it to our event, we stream events live through Facebook.

In addition, Moon’s Rare Book’s offers the same opportunity for smaller groups to personally schedule time for a “Show & Tell” event – see choice & rare items and have a hands on experience of history coming to life for each member of your group. You can call our store number to schedule a lecture in Provo for youth groups, school classes, corporate events, and family reunions all at no charge any time you will be in town.

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New Acquisitions

  • First Edition Doctrine and Covenants
    • 1891

    1891 Doctrine and Covenants Pulpit Edition


    Joseph Smith Jr.

    George Q. Cannon & Sons Co. Publishers January 1891. This is a  beautiful black leather with gold embossing Pulpit Edition. Years ago when called upon to speak in a meeting,  a set of scriptures remained at the pulpit to use[…]

  • First Edition Doctrine and Covenants
    First Edition • 1835

    First Edition Doctrine and Covenants

    This beautiful leather bound First Edition of the Doctrine & Covenants was printed in Kirtland, Ohio.  Also included with this edition is a custom leather enclosure  uniquely designed with title of book and date of edition on its spine.


    First Edition • 1830

    First Edition Book Of Mormon


    Joseph Smith Jr.

    This is an 1830 First Edition Book Of Mormon, printed by E .B . Grandin in Palmyra New York, a bustling city along the Erie Canal. After securing a copyright for the Book of Mormon on June 11, 1829, Joseph[…]

  • The Hobbit
    • 1961

    The Hobbit

    Journey with Bilbo Baggins as he travels on his quest to reclaim the Lonely Mountain from the dragon Smaug in this second edition copy of J. R. R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit.” Delightfully illustrated with maps drawn by Tolkien himself, transport[…]

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Book of Mormon

First Edition Book Of Mormon For Sale

As of June 12, 2018, we have 3 copies for sale. Please call or email to book an appointment to see the books.

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Reid Moon In The News

May, 2017

Display highlights unique collection of LDS scripture

Two private collections of LDS scripture were brought together Monday in a rare display. Each of the books has a unique connection to one of the 16 presidents of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“We’ve put together a collection of scriptures that either[…]

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