Moon's Rare Books is a collection of rare and antique Bibles, Classic in Literature first and early editions, and early American and European historical documents and antiquities. We specialize in early Mormon books, carrying several copies of First Editions of the Book of Mormon and First Edition Doctrine and Covenants, as well as other early Mormon books and documents which have contributed to Mormon and Utah history.

First Edition Copy of the Book of Mormon

By Store Account | June 23, 2022


For the first edition of the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith Jr. had to decide how he wanted the book to look. Using the 1830 Bible as a guide, the first edition Book of Mormon was replicated to look the same so[…]

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The Treasure Hunter

By Store Account | June 3, 2022

Reid Moon graduated from BYU in Provo, Utah in 1985. After 30 years of running Moon’s Rare Books in Dallas, Texas, he decided to return to Provo.

He specializes in four main categories: Bibles, early Mormon books and[…]

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By Store Account | May 17, 2022

Reid has been involved in feeding Orphans in Peru, Colombia & Venezuela for over 15 years.

Reid also guides a Peru tour each fall to visit his groups of children and workers there, having a day for a[…]

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By Store Account | May 17, 2022

For our Show & Tells you are invited back into Reid’s personal room where he will take out incredible items  from his private vaults, that will truly amaze you.  During these wonderful events we exhibit rare collections and individual items,[…]

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